How to Remineralize Teeth Naturally

Healthy Teeth from the inside out supporting oral health with nutrition and supplements How to Remineralize Teeth Naturally

I’ve written before about how teeth can be remineralized and cavities can heal (contrary to common belief). I was highly skeptical when I first read about this, but now I’ve actually seen this in my own family and in relatives and clients.

Last week, after a facebook comment sparked a lot of interest, I figured it was time to write a more detailed explanation of the actual “how-to” of tooth remineralization. (Just a note: I am not a dentist, nor am I recommending that you do not visit and consult with your dentist… just sharing some information that was very valuable to me)

 Can Teeth Heal and Regenerate?

I used to think that the answer to this question was a resounding “NO” as this is what I had always been told by my dentist. I never questioned this until I saw research from Dr. Weston A. Price and Drs. Mellanby (more in this post) showing that diet had a tremendous impact on oral health (even more so than brushing in some cases) and that there had even been cases of cavities reversing.

As I thought about this, it made sense…

Why would bones and other tissue be able to heal and regenerate, but not teeth?

How did other populations throughout the world have great oral health, no cavities and no need for braces when they didn’t even have access to modern dentistry?

As I noted in a previous post:

Also enter Dr. Weston A Price, a dentist who traveled and studied isolated populations around the world and their native diets. Dr. Price was surprised to discover that many of these native peoples eating a diet devoid of modern foods had perfect teeth structure and little tooth decay. Their teeth were well spaced with plenty of room, and were white and healthy. Lest we think this is just genetics, Dr. Price studied people all over the world with widely different genes and found the same common factor. (An interesting note: when these people are removed from their native environment and switch to a western diet, they get tooth decay, bone loss and other health problems at the same rate as people in western industrialized countries)

These doctors all reached the same conclusion after years of research, mainly that tooth structure and health is largely determined by diet, especially three main factors:

  1. The presence of enough minerals in the diet.
  2. The presence of enough fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) in the diet.
  3. How bio-available these nutrients are and how well the body is absorbing them. They found that this is largely influenced by the presence of Phytic Acid in the diet.
These doctors hypothesized that these three factors influenced the body’s ability to reverse cavities and oral health problems, and that if you could optimize these factors, you could prevent further damage and even reverse present damage.
People who consume large amounts of phytic acid (most Americans) in the form of grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes have higher rates of tooth decay, mineral deficiencies and osteoporosis.
Over the long term, when the diet lacks minerals or contains high levels of phytates or both, the metabolism goes down, and the body goes into mineral-starvation mode. The body then sets itself up to use as little of these minerals as possible. Adults may get by for decades on a high-phytate diet, but growing children run into severe problems. In a phytate-rich diet, their bodies will suffer from the lack of calcium and phosphorus with poor bone growth, short stature, rickets, narrow jaws and tooth decay; and for the lack of zinc and iron with anemia and mental retardation.
Just as lack of Vitamin D and poor calcium absorption can cause malformation of the bones of the legs (as in the case of Rickets), it can cause the jawbone to form poorly, resulting in spacing problems for the teeth and braces for the child.
Sadly, the most commonly eaten diet in America these days is high in grains, sugars, and vegetable oils, and low in animal fats and fat soluble vitamins- the exact opposite of what the Drs. Mellanby found to be helpful for optimal bone health and the prevention of tooth decay.
The good news is that teeth (and bones) are able to heal themselves in a process called remineralization. Basically, specialized cells in the center of the tooth are able to regenerate dentin, the layer of tooth just under the enamel, and the enamel can then properly remineralize from the outside. This same process happens in bones when phytic acid is removed from the diet and minerals/fat soluble vitamins are added.
To prove this theory, the Drs. Mellanby did a study on children with existing cavities. The children were put into three groups:
  • Group One: Regular diet plus oatmeal (which is high in phytic acid)
  • Group Two: Regular diet plus vitamin D
  • Group Three: Diet low in phytic acid plus vitamin D.

This is what they found:

phytic acid causes cavities 300x169 How to Remineralize Teeth Naturally


The group consuming phytic acid with no supplemental vitamin D continued to get cavities with little to no healing. The group that just supplemented Vitamin D showed some healing, but also got some new cavities. The group consuming no phytic acid and supplementing Vitamin D showed very few new cavities and actually had many existing cavities heal! (Good reason to cut back on the grains , eat good fats, and optimize Vitamin D!)

When I brought this information up in health circles, it would usually spark a lot of debate and some strong comments from dentists or dental health professionals. Most would admit, after a time, that the enamel of teeth could regenerate but that once a cavity was through the dentin (the layer under the enamel), it was impossible for it to heal without dental intervention.

In my own life and in further reading, I’ve found that this isn’t the case either. As this article elaborates:

Fortunately, a decaying or broken tooth has the ability to heal itself. Pulp contains cells called odontoblasts, which form new dentin if the diet is good. Here’s what Dr. Edward Mellanby had to say about his wife’s research on the subject. This is taken from Nutrition and Disease:

Since the days of John Hunter it has been known that when the enamel and dentine are injured by attrition or caries, teeth do not remain passive but respond to the injury by producing a reaction of the odontoblasts in the dental pulp in an area generally corresponding to the damaged tissue and resulting in a laying down of what is known as secondary dentine. In 1922 M. Mellanby proceeded to investigate this phenomenon under varying nutritional conditions and found that she could control the secondary dentine laid down in the teeth of animals as a reaction to attrition both in quality and quantity, independently of the original structure of the tooth. Thus, when a diet of high calci­fying qualities, ie., one rich in vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus was given to the dogs during the period of attrition, the new secondary dentine laid down was abundant and well formed whether the original structure of the teeth was good or bad. On the other hand, a diet rich in cereals and poor in vitamin D resulted in the production of secondary dentine either small in amount or poorly calcified, and this happened even if the primary dentine was well formed.

To be fair, most dentists probably don’t see many patients who are eating a specific diet to improve their oral health, and most of the studies and research they read is probably done on people eating a somewhat average diet (high in phytic acid and low in Vitamin D), so it is very logical that they wouldn’t think that teeth could heal. It certainly isn’t common, but with very specific supplements and a very careful nutritional program, it is certainly possible!

My Story:

In early 2010, my regular dental check-up revealed that I had some soft spots and a lot of plaque on my teeth. I also had one “official” cavity, though it wasn’t bad, and while they suggested getting it filled soon, it wasn’t a huge rush. They did warn me that I had the beginning stages of gingivitis in several places and had a lot of plaque.(It took them about 30-40 minutes to scrape and clean my teeth, which I thought was normal) They took x-rays, so I have picture evidence of my teeth at this time.

I had every intention of getting the cavity filled and continuing with regular dentist appointments, but then life happened and I didn’t get around to scheduling an appointment for months. By the time I finally had time to schedule an appointment, I had seen some interesting info in books about the ability of teeth to heal, so I decided to hold off.

I did more research, read the book Cure Tooth Decay (aff) and read accounts of other people reversing dental damage, so I decided to give it a try. I took advice from all the research I had done and figured out a specific diet and supplement regimen that I was going to use to try to heal my teeth.

I followed the regimen for a few months, and noticed that my teeth were whiter and much less sensitive to cold. This was big news to me as I used to have such sensitive teeth that drinking too cold of a drink could literally almost bring me to tears. I also found out about this time that I was expecting a baby (p.s. this diet promotes fertility too!) and decided to continue on the regimen for the pregnancy, as all of the things I was doing were also supportive of healthy pregnancy.

It was fall of 2011 before I finally got around to making it back to the dentist (I know, I know… every six months…) and I didn’t mention a thing about the cavities and soft spots that needed to be fixed… and neither did the dentist!

It also only took them about 5 minutes to clean and scrape my teeth. I thought she was still checking them and she was done! The hygienist told me that my teeth and gums looked great, and asked if I had started using fluoride or fluoride toothpaste (my chart made it very clear that I was anti-fluoride). I told her no but that I had been trying to make sure I was taking better care of my teeth lately (very true!).

When the dentist checked my teeth, he didn’t mention any problem areas either and remarked that my gums looked great! On a random note, I heard him telling another patient that cutting back on the sugar and starches was a good idea since “without starches, cavities can not form, since they feed on sugar and starches.” Newfound respect for my dentist!

I’ve also now tried and seen this regimen work for clients and relatives (currently trying it on my husband).

So what did I do?

Diet to Help Heal Cavities and Improve Oral Health

  1. I drastically cut foods that contained phytic acid. I already wasn’t eating grains or beans, but I also cut or limited nuts.
  2. Limited foods containing even natural sugars or starches- I limited fruit and even starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and focused on mineral rich vegetables, bone broths, meats, and healthy fats.
  3. Ate a LOT of healthy fats. I added about 1/4 cup extra of coconut oil to my diet each day, and used only pastured, cultured butter.
  4. I made an effort to consume a lot of homemade bone broth for its added minerals.

To recap: No grains, beans or nuts and limited fruits and starches. Lots of vegetables, protein, healthy fats and bone broth.

Supplements to Help Heal Cavities and Improve Oral Health

To help the body remineralize cavities, it is sometimes necessary to increase mineral levels with supplements. While diet alone might be enough, many foods are depleted of nutrients from being grown in nutrient depleted soil, so supplements help fill the gaps. These are the supplements I typically recommend for improved oral health and dental healing:

  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter Blend- Green Pastures makes this as a Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil blend  I prefer the combination in capsules or there is a liquid version (tastes terrible).   This is one of the main supplements recommended by Dr. Price from his research.
  • Vitamin D- This was the other main supplement that Dr. Price and the Drs. Mellanby found was extremely supportive of dental healing. In the study they did, cavities healed even when diet wasn’t changed if Vitamin D was optimized and the best healing occurred when diet was optimized and Vitamin D was added.
  • Coconut Oil- I take an additional 1/2 cup a day of coconut oil in a smoothie or melted in tea each day. We get ours from Tropical Traditions, but you can find it many places…. just look for organic, virgin and unrefined coconut oil.
  • Others- I also take Magnesium, Gelatin and Vitamin C daily, though these aren’t as vital to tooth healing.

Other Factors:

  • I brush with homemade remineralizing toothpaste daily and while I was actively trying to heal teeth, I swished with both calcium and magnesium powders dissolved in water daily to help provide minerals and to keep the mouth alkaline.
  • I also added Ora Wellness Brushing Blend to my regimen and use their (gentler) toothbrush daily.
  • I swished daily with Hydrogen Peroxide to keep mouth bacteria at bay (which had the added effect of whitening teeth).
  • I brushed with activated charcoal every couple of days to help pull toxins from the mouth (more on that soon!)
Right now, my husband is trying the whole regimen to reverse a cavity he has, so I’ll keep you updated on his progress (hoping I might be able to get the x-rays from the dentist for proof when the cavity is gone…

What do you think? Would you try remineralizing your own teeth? Do you already do these things? Weigh in below!


  1. Allison says

    I would love to try this as I have so many teeth issues :( I like to joke that my dentist can afford a beach house and ski chalet with the bills I have to pay him. :/ However, I am wondering how difficult it is to tackle all the ‘other factors’ you have listed, and I also wonder about the diet. We have recently switched over to a whole foods diet, but on tops of limiting grains, fruits, nuts and starch seems like it doesn’t leave room for much else but meat, corn and broth? Can you share some meals you make on a regualr basis?

    • Erek says

      Just look up paleo diet. There are tons of delicious meals you can make! You would be surprised what you can do. My wife grew up on fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. I never thought I would be able to get her away from her horrible diet until I started making paleo meals. She loves them and its healthier :)

    • Kira Wolf Trinity says

      Not sure how the corn idea got in there, but basically you want to be eating meat and vegetables and good fats. There is a giant plethora of green non-starchy vegetables out there. Just do some recipe research :)

      • Kecy says

        Most corn is genetically modified to produce its own pesticide which then does the same in your intestines (see Institute for Responsible Technology- Jeffrey Smith).

  2. Christy says

    I’ve been using your toothpaste for about a month now and I actually prefer it to the commercial stuff.  I’ve even gotten my husband to use it occasionally.

    I’m curious what you do with your small children as far as teeth brushing goes.  When do you start using your remineralizing toothpaste with them?  I thought in another post about the toothpaste that it wasn’t meant to be swallowed since it pulled out some toxins.  So do you wait until they can spit it out?  What do you use with them before they can spit it out.  I’d love an alternative to the “naturally flavored with apple and banana” toothpaste we have now (do they really put extra sugar in the stuff?).  Both of my boys (1 & 3) eat pretty well, though my 3 year old loves his nuts, but getting them the extra minerals through the toothpaste would be great.

    • Nicole Ruskell says

      Here in Italy, an old remedy is rubbing a sage leaf on the teeth to kill bacteria and keep them fresh and clean. I have no facts or science to back it up (other than the oils in sage being naturally anti-bacterial), nor have I tried it myself, but many people swear by it.

  3. Cortni says

    That totally makes sense that eating better would help your teeth, but cutting out nuts and beans seems odd, since they are supposed to be so good for you.  I am in the process of cutting out a lot of processed foods from our diet, but I still enjoy whole wheat bread, pasta and tortillas, as well as oats, quinoa and other whole grains on occasion.  Would you have to give ALL of it up in order to see results?  It just seems like such a limited diet! :(

    • Kelly says

      There’s some great info out there on properly preparing beans and even grains–mainly soaking… think I found that at… At any rate, when properly prepared, the presence of phytic acid in beans is greatly reduced, along with other components of beans that cause the gas-bloating for which beans are so well known. So legumes, and even (sprouted) grains, in moderation aren’t going to pack quite the negative punch health-wise, if it’s too overwhelming to cut everything out all at once.

      Just my two cents, and I always like knowing other options :)

    • rich says

      don’t cut nuts! simply soak them for 24 hours in good clean (i prefer creek) water. this activates phytase which deactivates the phytic acid. once the 2 hours of soak are done it is your choice to eat the nuts waterlogged or you could dry them up again and enjoy them dried. don’t fear the nuts, but understand there is some preparation involved :)

  4. Lizzyloco says

    I’ve been working on trying to heal 2 cavities, cutting out added sugar and using xylitol and black walnut hull tincture.  I’ve made improvment, but I’m certainly going to add you regimen!  Question for you Wellness Mama:  I’ve been reading a lot about phytic acid in grains, seeds, and nuts in “Nourishing Traditions”  What is your take on the soaking or fermenting of those foods to dissolve the acid?  Ms. Fallon insists that a warm, acidic environment will dissolve it.  Would you recommend continuing to use grains, etc, if you were able to do that?  Also, what is your take on raw, cultured milk products (kefir, yogurt, buttermilk etc.)?  Seems like they have a fair amount of sugar naturally in them, but also have lots of naturally occurring fat-soluable vitamins.

    Thanks for the article, I’ve been waiting for it!

  5. Cathy says

    I’ve been reading your blog for several weeks now with interest.  I’d read Wheat Belly a while back, as well as some of the Paleo books, but have not truly made the switch to grain-free simply due to a limited budget and large family.  I can’t fathom being able to keep them fed without any grains/legumes until our budget increases somewhat.  That said, we do follow more of the Nourishing Traditions approach as someone else mentioned above, as opposed to a typical SAD diet.  I grind our organic grains, buy and soak organic dried beans, we buy raw milk when possible (not currently), we don’t drink  much milk but eat dairy mostly in the form of yogurt or cheese, buy pasture meats for the most part, etc… .  Yesterday, at a 6 month dental cleaning and checkup for all five children, he told me he attributed their lack of cavities (none in their whole lives so far) to their good diet, particularly since they all have some crowding which increases cavity risk even more.  Then I came home and read this post and don’t know what to think.  Evidently something is working, so do I even try to change to grain-free as finances allow?  Is grain-free really necessary for EVERYONE or just those who seem to have health concerns that aren’t alleviated by other practices?

    As far as toothpaste goes, I buy the kids Kiss My Face made with Xylitol…it’s also fluoride-free.

  6. says

    I’m on the Page Fundamental Diet (pretty similar to the Paleo diet).  I have had a lot of compliments on my white teeth lately and I can only attribute it to the diet as I have not changed anything else.  One thing about the Page Diet is that certain blood types should avoid certain foods.  I think this may be why some can do well on grains (Cathy’s children) and others can not.  I personally am not supposed to eat wheat or corn because of my O blood type.  And boy can I tell if I eat wheat-wheat belly for sure!  Wheat has no affect on my A pos husband.

  7. Kathy says

    HI Katie, love your site and recommend it to all my friends. I’ve been wanting to get more coconut oil into our diets (my kids are almost 4 and almost 7), but am having a hard time. How on earth do you get 1/4 to 1/2 cup into your diet every day? Whenever I try putting it into a smoothie, it hardens immediately and we don’t like the chunks of oil floating around. When I try to bake with it, it often hardens into chunks that stay soild in the bread (I make the bread with coconut flour). When I try to fry with it (chicken livers or salmon patties), it seems like they turn out mushy compared to using olive oil or butter. Any advice on how to make it work?

    • Michelle says

      I tried the 1/4 c coconut oil w/ herbal tea yesterday, and felt nauseous after eating dinner (a healthy dinner – warm winter chili from Do you have to start off slowly with coconut oil? I cook with it daily, and use generous amounts of it, along with lots of raw butter – I definitely have a high fat diet. But I wonder if 1/4 c coconut oil may be too much to begin with when drinking it straight with tea?

  8. jenn@ahomeinthemaking says

    This is PERFECT timing. I just had a HORRIBLE dentist report yesterday and am incredibly bummed, as I eat very healthy (no grains, sugars, starches). I’m going to try your remineralizing tips and see how it goes :)

    • Beautiful Dream-er says

      Check out Eat Right for your type, or I guess it’s similar to the Page
      Fundamental Diet (pretty similar to the Paleo diet) per Sarah’s Rohrer’s
      post above. If your teeth are suffering maybe your diet isn’t tweeked
      quite right for your body. For example, If you’re a type A grains
      sugars and starches are usually okay, but meat can be really
      detrimental, and O’s are basically opposite of that. PS – how did
      re-mineralization work for you?

  9. Tenaya says

    I have been following you for a while and I am loving all that I am learning. I am really excited to use the tooth paste and even try to diet. My Husband and I both are trying to revers Cavities. I ran out today and picked up all the ingredients for the tooth paste and was really excited to try it. I mixed it up right away, but had a really hard time getting it smooth. I made it three times trying to make it smooth or at least a rough paste, but no luck. Am I missing something? As my daughter said it looked like creamy rice. I did go ahead and use it and I am in love. My mouth has not felt this clean in a long time. Thank you for the recipe. But do you have any suggestions on how to make it a little smoother. I did try adding extra oil. But it was still a little chunky.  

    • Kimberly Tirona says

      Don’t know if you were able to make the creamy version, but my first try turned out like rice. I had used LouAna brand Coconut Oil which had been sitting next to the stove for a day. When the Organic brand came in later in the afternoon, I remixed and got the pretty, creamy results. Don’t know if this makes the difference for anyone else, but it did for me.

    • Marcee says

      This may help? I used a mortar to completely crush my calcium pill. Put some coconut oil into a container and smoothed it with a spoon until no more lumps. Added some olive oil and a couple drops of spearment and stirred it until it was smooth. Lastly I added the powdered calcium. It is smooth a creamy. Can’t even feel grit from the calcium. I am looking for some good cinnamon extract for my next batch. I used tropical traditions gold label coconut oil. I did not add the sweetener.

  10. Millerfmlyfun says

    We have documented cavity reversals with taking the Green Pastures supplements, fluoride-free tooth paste & a low sugar diet.  :)

    • natasha says

      hi, just wondering how long it took for your cavity reversals?? i have just changed my diet (weston price ) and started green pastures FCLO as well..

  11. christine says

    hi, i am very excited to start making the toothpaste! my little guy has what the dentist calls “hypoplasia.” apparently, in utero, the enamel on the fronts of his 4 front teeth didnt develop all the way so he doesnt have any in those places. my question is, is it safe for a young one to swallow? he is 16 months and doesnt know how to spit yet. any thing you may know about this would be great! thanks (: 

      • Patti Reis says

        I am feeling so thankful for all this information! I have been feeling for quite some time that we’ve been bamboozled by modern dentistry to some degree but I had not really found a reliable source for help, so thank you. My question is about diet too. I really don’t envision changing my family’s entire diet to eliminate grains and beans. We like our beans as a protein in place of meat (sometimes) and just because we like the taste and there are other beneficial nutrients. And grains…well let’s just say we’re slowly improving the quality and amount that we eat, but we’re a carb-loving family, and I just don’t see eliminating grains anytime soon! So are there measures we can take to minimize the effects of those foods? Do you recommend extra brushing or treatments as described above? Right now no one has (new, unfilled) cavities, but both myself and my older daughter have soft enamel and I’d like to do what I can just to strengthen our teeth — especially hers since she has her whole life ahead of her and I don’t want her to be dealing with bad teeth for all those years! Thanks!

        • says

          Eating lots of healthy fats (coconut oil, tallow, grass fed butter, lard, etc) and taking fermented cod liver oil can both help counteract the internal effects and a remineralzing toothpaste can help saliva quality and the external…

          • Kelly says

            What if one can’t tolerate all that fat? I’ve been eating a very low fat diet for way too long, but every time I try to increase my fats — and I’m talking 1/2 teaspoons of say olive oil — butter is even worse — I get a very uncomfortable ‘restless leg’ situation and also some cramping in my legs and feet.

            Have you heard of anyone else experiencing a difficulty transitioning to a higher fat diet?

      • rich says

        is there a happy medium? the reason why phytic acid is so dangerous to the body is because it readily binds with most minerals. so if soaking minimalises this, but doesn’t completely eliminate it, how about instead of completely avoiding things like soaked nuts, soaked grains, and soaked beans, how about we add vitamin and mineral rich dandelion, dock, plantain herb, chickweed, etcetera to each meal? this way the phytic acid has more than enough minerals to bind with, which in the end will leave you with plenty of minerals which will allow the body to rebuild. just a thought, not fact.

  12. Amanda, RDH says

    As a Dental hygienist, I think it is great that you were able to remineralize your cavities. However, this diet and daily routine would be unlikely for most people do. Most of my patients won’t even floss and brush 2 times a day. With my experience, I would not wait to fix a cavity that is already inside the dentin. If the cavity progresses, it will reach the nerve of the tooth and a root canal will be needed. If the cavity is only in the enamel, there is a better chance of remineralization. Most people are to busy or lazy to work as hard as you did for the health of your teeth. This seems unrealistic to me.

    • James says

      Amanda, how is your comment helping here?  You sound a lot like every other dentist I’ve heard when the ADA credo gets questioned.  I’m not sure if it’s scared, or just close-minded..  The fact is that “most of your patients” probably aren’t reading this blog.  They probably aren’t even searching for holistic forms of dental care, because like you, they’ve been conditioned not to see that dentists get paid highly for a service that’s less important than we’re led to believe.  Personally, I think it’s one of life’s miracles that most problems, dental or other, are solvable through a change in lifestyle.  Unrealistic, huh?  What seems unrealistic to Me is paying a high premium for a service that I wouldn’t need if I just changed my diet.  What seems even more unrealistic is asking dentists to fight a battle for me that is ultimately rendered futile, because I turn around and sabotage their work at every meal.

      • says

        Amanda is correct. When all the “meant to do it but didn’t” people end up with a root canal or extraction they’ll be complaining, too. Furthermore, if the people just did their daily hygiene diligently (under other factors or even adding flossing or sulcabrush, regardless of diet, not adding sugar products before bedtime or eating sugar like candy all day long nonstop), they wouldn’t get cavities to begin with. Combine that with going to the dentist for a proper oral cleaning twice a year to catch areas you missed, you have a good baseline for no decay. Another factor is mouth breathing which you would learn if you actually bothered to go to a dentist.

        • Daryl Everett says

          I just came from my dentist who told me specifically that even the best dental hygiene can’t prevent all cavities because bacteria are able to get into small spaces that brushes can’t. I don’t eat candy, I do brush twice daily and I do go to the dentist. I agree that lots of people will have good intentions but your rant was ill-informed.

      • says

        I can tell you from first hand experience that I do almost everything I possibly can to prevent my teeth from decaying and they are still rotting out of my mouth at an alarming rate. I brush twice a day with a high fluoride toothpaste and rinse with a high fluoride mouthwash, both of which I hate. I floss before and after brushing just to make sure I got everything before rinsing. Guess what? I have had to have 2 root canals anyway, one tooth removed so far, and I have some $5000 left before all my teeth are fixed. I am in constant pain and half the time can’t eat the foods I love. I’m only 24 years old, and I have a feeling that I won’t have any teeth left by the time I’m 30. I’m vegan so this diet isn’t going to work for me like it may work for other people, but discrediting the fact that we are able to remineralize our teeth isn’t helpful. I was reading another blog that suggested the a similar regiment and the person was told they would need a root canal. Guess what? They didn’t after making a few changes in their diet. They did not give up fruits or stick to mostly animal products, but they did use the cod liver and butter supplement, made a fluoride free toothpaste, and attempted to reduce the acidity of their natural saliva. There is a load of evidence this works. I don’t understand why so many dentists advocate that your teeth can’t heal. EVERY thing in your body can heal, why can’t your teeth?

        • Lisa says

          I can’t believe you just said your teeth are rotting out with fluoride use and a vegan diet, and yet you choose to continue in this manner. It is quite obvious for the sake of your teeth and your health you are making bad choices.

        • Ali Sweeney says

          Lesley, your troubles with rapid decaying of teeth and gum at a young age sounds similar to my young brother in law’s, who found that he has Celiacs disease, to stop the decay and other symptoms he had to eat a completely gluten free diet. You should consider being tested for that if you haven’t already.

        • Wendy says

          Lesley, my experience has been similar to yours, except that I stopped the high-fluoride thing years ago (that’s another conversation entirely). I love eating grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds because they are GOOD and good for me. I have done all I can for my teeth and my children’s teeth, and watched my Mother and sisters do the same… and we all have some serious dental issues. So, with this new possibility to consider: adding in some things I previously avoided, such as liver and butter, and cutting back on the easy, sweet foods (though “good for me”–but my conscience says maybe not since it’s so easy to eat them too much); I have to ask myself, would it hurt to stop being so vegan for awhile, especially since it is winter (traditionally, not all that vegan food exists this time of year), and work from every angle I am NOW aware of, to see what happens?
          Best wishes in whatever course you choose.

        • Alison Foxall says

          Hold the phone here- cut out the fluoride immediately! Cut out gluten out of your vegan diet and make sure you are eating whole foods and nothing too processed. For legumes and grains ensure you are properly soaking and sprouting before cooking.

          I’m also vegan, and while this diet doesn’t work for me, I can at least properly soak the legumes and increase some of the my other vegetable intakes and supplement.

        • Tl says

          I question your possible lack of care prior to your attempt to improve your oral health! It is not normal for a patient who is seen on a regular basis every 3-6 months having xrays yearly and a thorough exam to all of the sudden need multiple root canals and teeth pulled! Either you had a dentist doing supervised neglect or you were neglecting yourself by not keeping the proper preventative care. Yes you can have bacteria within your saliva that will cause an increased decay rate even without extreme amounts of plaque and tartar, but those cases are far and few between and should be addressed and assessed by your dentist with a saliva screening.

      • SMHgurl24 says

        Sorry but Amanda is 100% right. My dentist told me that I had the beginning stages of a cavity and to keep an eye on it and I CHOSE to research alternatives to help me. No most people are not going to change their lifestyle because if there is an easy alternative, thats the path they’re going to take. The information is out there and its up to the individual to look for it. We live in an age where we can know almost anything instantly, there is absolutely NO excuse for someone not to chose this kind of regime because they weren’t informed. Add to the fact that a lot of the re mineralization regimes i’ve seen so far are pretty extensive, I doubt the average person is going to do this (granted i’ve only seen a few but they had same long list). Not all health care professionals are the bad guys, they work to keep the average person’s health in good shape :). And by average person I mean someone like me who brushes 1-2x a day and maybe flosses 3x a week.

        • SMHgurl24 says

          And also a lot of the recommended supplements are VERY expensive and some people just can’t afford the lifestyle change

          • angelaa says

            getting cavities filled, root canals done and paying for dental insurance is also VERY expensive. why not change your diet to benefit your entire body, including your teeth?

        • Beautiful Dream-er says

          I totally agree that most dentists and doctors are trying to do the right thing and help people. Thank you for not believing they’re all in on the conspiracy. Personally, I studied biology in college and one of the required courses was Genetics. For about a week in class we went over the processes of the body that are designed to help us heal, which are nothing short of GLORIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, and MIRACULOUS. …And the very next thing they taught us was why those beautiful processes “aren’t enough” to keep us well. Sadly I bought into this thought immediately and held onto it for 3 or 4 years before I snapped out of it when I started researching alternative medicine. But for those good medical practitioners who’ve been indoctrinated this kind of “truth” is stated so often during their training that it’s hard for them to even question whether or not it’s real. I’m happy to say that now I’m totally cured of that erroneous information and I know that, other than a very few things (mostly genetic disorders), our bodies are capable of healing throughout, if we just know how to help them! And SIDEBAR – maybe you shouldn’t underestimate the motivated commitment of person who’s trying to avoid a root canal… :)

          • Padraic Puissant says

            Even “so called” genetic disorders are reversible… The new studies in epigenetics show that genes can be altered through meditation or lifestyle changes. Genes are not pre determined, they are an expression of the present state of a being… That’s the big fallacy we are plagued with… Determinism and mechanistic biology are wrong. We are beings of infinite potential and ther are no conditions, medical or otherwise that cannot be changed… Yes changing oneself is hard, but it is achievable…

      • Kelly says

        James — maybe you can help me. I ask you the same question i asked above. What if one has a difficult time transitioning to a higher fat diet? I’ve been eating way too low fat for almost 10 years, and am paying the price, but every time I try to increase fats, even in small amounts, I suffer the consequences…higher triglycerides, higher bad cholesterol, and a very disrupting/annoying ‘restless leg’
        (only my left leg!) situation within 3-4 hours of adding a small spoonful of added fat to my diet. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

    • rich says

      why spread pessimism? sure, some people are lazy and don’t care, but chances are, these people who are too lazy to take care of themselves are also too lazy to do internet research on how to fix the problem. people who have gone out of their way to find their way to this article clearly have some sort of drive to heal their teeth. your attitude doesn’t encourage anybody.

  13. steph says

    so i wanted to ask you if its possible to regrow your enamel? because ever since i was little i ate alot lemons not knowing it can erode your enamel and now im 20 years old and now i have erosion on enamel so is it possible to regrow it back through diet or is it to late????? 

    • says

      Yes, you can heal enamel, it just takes a little time and some good nutrition. If you follow the protocol in the article, you should start seeing some positive changes.

      • rich says

        i know everypone is different, but how long must we be diligent before we start seeing and feeling the difference?

  14. KH says

    I love this recipe and have been using this for about 6  months. However, I noticed that my sink tends to clog with all of the coconut oil. Has this happened to you, and how do you deal with this issue?

  15. Rianrenee77 says

    Do you ever oil pull with coconut oil?  Trying to remember in the morning before I eat or drink anything is kinda hard, and I always end up needing to talk to my kids when I have it in my mouth, but it is suppose to do amazing things for your teeth, gums and general health.

    • Steph says

      I was going to ask her the same question. There are supposed to be detoxifying benefits as well from oil pulling. I just started and am super curious to see if I can tell a difference in my teeth or overall health.

    • Marcee says

      Been oil pulling for years several times a week. My mouth feels extremely clean when I am done. I contribute in part to the oil pulling the fact that I have not been sick in several years. I use coconut oil and sometimes only pull for 5 minutes others up to 20 minutes. sometimes I just brush my teeth with the oil. I am still surprised how well this works. I added cod liver oil and butter oil to my diet and started the oil pulling 4 years ago when the dentist said I had 4 cavities. I had two filled. Then put off the other two. Started this regimen and my teeth healed. My hygienist says the spots are slightly darker where the cavities where. But that they are completely healed and hard enamel has covered the spots. Actually the last time I went in. She said the slight darkness had almost gone away. So they are now whitening up. don’t expect it to happen over night. But a good diet with proper care should get you results.

  16. Malena says

    I’m sensitive to dairy.  Would taking the Fermented Cod Liver Oil without the High Vitamin Butter Oil still do the trick or is the combination the key?

      • Malena says

        I’m going to order the FCLO from Green Pasture.  I want to order the liquid over the capsules because it’s a better value, plus you only have to take one teaspoon as opposed to 10 capsules for the same dosage.  I just know it’s going to taste terrible!  Have you tried any of the different flavors?  They have a cinnamon tingle, arctic mint, Oslo orange, and non-flavor.  Do you have a flavor suggestion?  Thanks!

        • says

          I like the cinnamon tingle, as the aftertaste just tastes like cinnamon and the taste isn’t too bad… To get it down, I suggest keeping it in the fridge and using a butter knife to scoop some out. Then, just scrape it off with your front teeth and wash it down and you won’t really taste it at all…

          • Malena says

            Thank you so much for for your prompt answers and suggestions!   I’m looking forward to both re-mineralizing my teeth and eating my sunscreen.  Hopefully, as you say, it won’t taste too bad.

          • Malena says

            I got the cinnamon tingle flavored fclo.  I’ve been taking it for a week now and I have to say it’s not fishy at all.  All I taste is cinnamon and I don’t mind taking it at all.  Thanks for the suggestion!  In your experience, how long did it take before you stopped getting sunburned?

  17. Iulia Cosma says

     Hi! I’ve discovered your site while searching for “tooth remineralization” and I’ve started reading it because I like it and because I believe there are useful things I can learn. 
    I thought you might be interested in something that could help both you and your readers to acquire better health: medicinal clay which is full of minerals. Here in Romania we prefer this product, but I’ve also found various products on the web. This site offers good info and testimonials, including on teeth matters,%20Teeth%20&%20Gums .
    Another absolutely wonderful and delicious source of minerals, vitamines etc. is raw bee pollen as well as royal jelly.
    This site might prove helpful:
    Who knows, maybe you decide to write an article about them? :)

    Best wishes from Romania!

  18. Voloamare says

    Do you have a meal plan for how you eat?  I’d be curious to know the types of things you eat regularly.  I mean specifics.  Thanks for the article!

  19. Zeela says

    I just remineralized my daughters cavity.  We cut way back on grains and used the butter oil and fermented cod liver oil.  I am still in shock it really worked.   I think this proved to me how we should eat and that we are all lacking vitamins and minerals due to our diet.

  20. Unbelievable says

    I guess people will believe anything they hear. FYI this will not work if it’s a cavity through the enamel and into dentin.  Do your own research as to why cavities form and find out yourself. Oh, and look in scientific papers that are peer reviewed.

    • says

      I’d encourage readers to also read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and Cure Tooth Decay and do their own research. (both of those books are meticulously referenced and Dr. Price was highly respected in the dental field). It is absolutely possible to heal a cavity (as I’ve done in my own mouth and as others have done) despite conventional wisdom. I’d also highly encourage readers to read peer reviewed research that wasn’t sponsored by any entity with a direct monetary interest in the dental field or oral health products.

      • Sarabhina says

        Wow, so funny I ran into this article! I just discovered the book on Curing Tooth Decay and it is next on my list to buy & read.

        In the meantime I do have a question for you.

        Here is my current situation and how I discovered the book. I just recently went to a Dentist, it has been 7 years since I have seen one. They told me I have my first cavity forming. Just like you, they recommended to fill it but no hurry.

        My husband also went to this Dentist and has to have 2 root canals and 2 caps, his teeth are in much worse shape. The Dentist told us both that our enamel is very thin. We were both not surprised at this. My husband also has bone loss in his teeth.

        The Dentist told us not to brush with baking soda and coconut oil (which we have been using) anymore because the baking soda is too abrasive and will keep thinning away our enamel and bone. She recommended to use conventional toothpaste. I told her I am allergic to conventional toothpaste and don’t like the chemicals and fluoride in it. She said that is the only way. Unfortunately, my husband is back to using conventional toothpaste only.

        Is this true about the baking soda further thinning my enamel? Please help! I don’t know what to use for toothpaste. Oh, I also have changed my diet and am basically eating primal/paleo ( my husband is transitioning his diet too).

        • says

          I’m not a dentist, so I can only share what I’ve found from experience. In everything I’ve researched, baking soda is not abrasive compared to most toothpastes: (PDF)
          I have found that the changes only work if you do the dietary changes too, and the worse the teeth are, the more the diet is needed. Personally, I ate tons of bone broths,cooked veggies with butter, grassfed meats and wild caught seafoods. I also took magnesium, gelatin, FCLO/Butter Oil Blend and used homemade toothpaste. Cure Tooth Decay will have a lot more specifics and some detailed suggestions too…

        • says

          Don’t brush hard with baking soda. Baking soda is abrasive, but the abrasiveness is not the purpose. You are not scrubbing away dirt with the baking soda. Baking soda neutralizes acids. In etching classes at art colleges, baking soda is kept in the acid rooms incase of burns. Think of it as neutralizing the pH of your mouth, not scrubbing soap scum off of a shower wall. You can also just swish around coconut oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes a day or a few times a week, whatever you have time for. The coconut oil’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral benefits will help clean the mouth as well. Maybe you can brush lightly and rinse afterwords to remove food particles and dead parasites. Don’t swallow the coconut oil when doing this. What I have read was that it was pulling toxins out. So make sure to spit it out. But do ingest some clean virgin coconut oil. It has all kinds of beneficial qualities both internally and topically. Also there are some commercially made toothpastes that don’t contain fluoride as well. Tom’s of Maine is one, but make sure you are buying the right one. Some varieties have fluoride. I am not a doctor and this is not intended as medical advice, but I were to offer advice, I’d advise avoiding doctors, surgeons and dentist as often as possible:)

    • Beautiful Dream-er says

      Okay, so you’re saying the body really doesn’t have ANY stem cells that know how to become anything… OR maybe you’re trying to say that our bodies don’t know how to heal infections like when cuts and bruises get infected either. I’ve personally seen regeneration of even nerve cells, which also are supposed to be “un-healable” according to conventional medicine so I’m not going to buy what you’re selling. PS – I guess that’s proof that I don’t believe ‘anything’ I hear… BUT when information I find agrees with and supports something I KNOW, I definitely give it a chance to be true BEFORE I nay-say.

  21. Special Agent Dana Scully says

    Working on this right now. After having perfect oral health my entire life, I was diagnosed with a cavity in college… It was very small and was filled without anesthetic, but I still felt violated and wanted to know what I could do to prevent it from happening ever again. I have braces, so I am doubly concerned about my oral health.

    Cut out (almost) all grains… I have to have pizza once in a blue moon, and sometimes I just really want a grilled cheese sandwich, but it’s no longer a diet staple. I usually go weeks without eating grains.  I really upped broths. I did broths already, but I have been relying on broths and stews as a staple lately. I have started eating butter again. Butter is delicious and people who want to demonize it are jerks.

    Lots of vegetables. Lots of eggs. I love love love  eggs. The ones I get are free range. The yolks are like an amazing sort of bright orange. Completely unlike the sickly pale yellow ones that come from factory farms. Intuitively I assume the more colorful ones are better for me. They are also more delicious. And awesome.

    Don’t eat sugar regularly, either. I have started making my own ice cream since I just got an attachment for my mixer, and have been incorporating grassfed milk and cream (when I can find it) with very little sugar. Just a little honey or turbinado sugar. This is sortof a once a week, once every other week thing. Usually my friends and/or neighbors find out that I have made ice cream, and they all show up and eat it all and I don’t have any leftovers anyway. A half-gallon sure goes fast! Most delicious to date: avocado chocolate gelato. Delicious stuff. There was a lot of groaning and mmmming involved. At this point, since ice cream was the only “bad” thing I really indulged in, I would never even go back to store bought. The store wouldn’t have mango blood orange cream, or lychee cherry mint…

    Anyway. I don’t know of any visible results because I haven’t been back to the dentist… I know my sensitivity is gone, and the adjustments at the orthodontist no longer hurt for an entire day. They hurt for a few hours and stop. I assume this is because of all the minerals helping my bones to heal faster.

    Hope I don’t get any new cavities. Dentist said one was brewing the last time but wasn’t an emergency, so hopefully it’s gone. Personally, I didn’t see ANYTHING on that x-ray when he pointed it out, so there’s that…

  22. Sidnee Love says

    meat & dairy are acid-forming. acidity in the body causes diseases such as osteoporosis. in order to restore balance, calcium & magnesium must be used because of their alkalinizing ability. bones & teeth are therefore left depleted of those minerals & unable to remineralize as well. to keep the body alkaline, we must eat a plant-based diet, preferably high carb/low fat raw.

    • says

      I’d love to see the statistics backing this up. Vegans as a while typically have poor oral health. And grains deplete the body of phosphorus and can cause a magnesium imbalance. Both of these can lead to weaker teeth.

      • says

        My teeth were worse off before I became vegan. At least since becoming vegan the rate at which my teeth decay has slowed. I also have a disease which causes the enamel to be weak or not form so I can’t say I am cavity free, but at least I don’t lose a tooth a year anymore.

      • keith says

        There are also no statistics or science backing up that grains deplete the body of phosphorous or any minerals. This phytic acid topic is all based on a statement by Weston Price that has no proof. If phytic acid is a problem then so is oxalic acid which is in most vegetables. Both are chelators of minerals so this whole anti grain argument (on the basis of phytic acid) is pure nonsense. People need to do a little more research before blindly assuming words on a page or website are true.

        • Beautiful Dream-er says

          Agreed. I’ve been thinking as I read this article that maybe the solution isn’t to cut out the grains, but to just make sure you’re getting more minerals somehow, so that you have enough to cover… and don’t grains have minerals too? I’d be interested to hear if anybody knows about research that might support that query, or if anybody might know of a good mineral supplement. Wellness Mama, you mention using a lot of bone broth. Is that a good source of minerals then? and how do you make bone broth? Is it just boiling chicken, turkey, or beef bones in water for a while? Thanks!

        • Danielle says

          that’s not true actually….i was taught about phytic acid in my advanced human nutrition class at the university of maryland. it is widely recognized in science. just not talked about much. there are numerous journal articles supporting it as well. i did a presentation on it in a class

  23. Katie says

    This is a silly question, please forgive me…the Bass technique involves brushing the gum line, so are you supposed to brush the other surfaces of he teeth as well with the bass toothbrush? Thank you!

  24. Kaleigh says

    How long before you started to notice a change? I’ve been eating Paleo (very similar to what you describe to eat). The last month or so I’ve been less strict and my teeth have been bothering me. I’m tryin to get back on track and hoping the pain will go away. I had a bad experience with a dentist and have anxiety just thinking about going.

    • Beautiful Dream-er says

      You posted a long time ago, but I have to ask, were you making sure you got plenty of Vitamin D, Calcium, plus other minerals, and Omega 3′s? I also think I’ll be trying the Fermented Cod Liver Oil / Butter stuff, I hear good things. I totally get (and share) your dental anxiety. :/

  25. Kim says

    You are so great for sharing all this info thank you! I recently went to the doctor and he said I had SIX cavities that appeared out of nowhere with in SIX months since my last check up! I am so upset and scared to death of getting teeth filled cuz I don’t like the needle! I just made your remineralizing tooth paste using calcium powder,baking soda, xylitol, coconut oil, and mint essential oil…but when I brush with it I feel like it is not sticking to my teeth or staying in my mouth long enough. I also normally use a Sonicare tooth brush but am thinking this could be the problem? Do you recommend this kind of brush or should i be using something softer since this toothpaste might be abrasive enough? Also what else would you recommend doing to see the same results as you and your husband with the remineralization? I can not do as much of the dietary change as you suggested because I am a vegetarian so i’m hoping you can recommend other supplements or natural remedies to use as a mouth wash? Any and all help would be much appreciated! Thanks again for your amazing blog I am learning so much and making natural changes to many daily things in my life!

    • says

      I avoid electric ones because they are more abrasive. I use a Bass brush and it works great. Very gentle and still effective. It sounds like you are on the right track with the toothpaste… do you take any supplements? I take fermented cod liver oil, magnesium, coconut oil, and trace minerals to help with oral health…

    • katya says

      You will benefit greatly from reading :Cure tooth decay” by Ramiel Nagel. I really messed up my teeth and developed receded gums and many cavities on an organic, whole food vegetarian diet. You need the good fats and bone broths and fermented cod liver oil high vitamin butter oil OR Good wild seafood and grass fed meat. Unless you have a great source of raw pasture raised dairy you need quality animal products.

  26. says

    Wow! I just got home from the dentist and found out I have remineralized 8 out of 9 cavities I had 6 months ago with my GAPS/Weston A. Price Diet and Nutritional Rebalancing Program! I’m so excited!!! They told me the one cavity I still have has grown so small now that they don’t need to fill it…I’m sure if I stick with my bone broths, chicken livers, pastured ghee and fermented cod liver oil I can heal that last bit of decay too! Thanks Wellness Mama for writing such a great, well broken down article for people in need of dental help! I loved your presentation on the Oral Health Wellness Summit and will continue to be a reader of yours in future posts! : )

  27. Tammy Ritchie says

    Hi Wellness Mama,
    We have been noticing that our 4 year old daughter’s back molar has been disintegrating for the past year (we can’t afford medical nor dental insurance due to unemployment but my mother-in-law has been helping us out) and this has been causing her pain for the past few weeks. Are there any suggestions on how I can lessen the pain while brushing her teeth? My husband is highly skeptical when it comes to the Paleo diet but I’m willing to try it IF we had the money (and he had the will) to do it. Oatmeal is a staple in this house in the morning, unfortunately and I’m allowing her only one chocolate a day (working on weaning her off as of yesterday). I have looked into pediatric dentists and the very thought of her going under (and she is afraid of needles) scares me to death so I’m going to plead to my husband to try this out instead. Thank you in advance!

  28. says

    When you say you swish with hydrogen-peroxide…do you dilute it with anything or just swig a mouthful and swish it around like mouthwash? For how long? I’m game to give these things a try but want to make sure I do it right.

    • Mikiye says

      Have you tried Nutrapro butter oil? I also am casien intolerant and the rep that contacted me said that the product had most of the protein removed so that most lactose intolerant people use this with no problem. I also read another post saying the person was “allergic to dairy” but was able to consume this. I myself am curious to give it a try.

  29. Lee G. says

    I started my family eating this way about 9 days ago. We already feel an improvement in how our bodies feel. I had no idea it could be beneficial for our teeth as well. I mostly cook with coconut oil so we are definitely getting that aspect. I will but the other products/supplements later this week. I have had poor dental health in the last few years, I have a major cavity facing root canal, and I have bone loss and gum loss (from having chronic tonsillitis for YEARS before they would yank ‘em. I am going to try this before I go back to the dentist. I will let you know (and take pictures) in 6 months how it worked!! Thanks Wellness Mama!!

  30. says

    I love this:) I have been mostly following the Weston Price Diet for a few years now (I had chronic lyme and it was part of my stragedy to get better) but recently after a pregnancy / nursing a voracious babe I am having some issues with my teeth . I am going full froce WP now hoping to fix these problems with raw dairy and FCLO. I eat low phytates compared to most but think maybe I need to do better. I wish there were local families to connect with following a similar path!

  31. says

    Thanks for this. I’m looking at doing this for my son who’s almost 6 and complains often of a tooth hurting. He’s a very fussy eater though so I’m not sure just how much he’ll agree to. Can only try!

  32. Miss momma says

    Is the dairy crucial for reminerilization? We are a mostly grain free home…but we do rely heavily on nuts and seeds. My youngest daughter has 12!!!! cavities…and I am desperate to start this regime. Followed by my second youngest with 4 and Me with 1. Would you reccommend I cut out all nuts and seeds as our dental health is pretty poor right now? We don’t eat dairy due to allergies…although if it is crucial to heal our teeth should we should give it a try anyway? confused.

    • Beautiful Dream-er says

      I don’t know if you got a reply. I think it’s the Calcium that’s the most important thing to get from the dairy in terms of re-mineralization, although I’m not a doctor or a certified nutritionist, so there may be other things in the milk that interact to help bones heal (teeth are bones too :)). Also, Vitamin D is SUPER, SUPER important to absorb the calcium. (Almost every disease I research has some connection to vitamin D deficiency when studies are preformed… coincidence? I don’t know, but my personal opinion is ‘no!’) Anyway, good luck!

  33. 4mommyglo says

    First of all, let me say that I LOVE your site, and I mostly keep up with it on Twitter because aI am so busy, but I greatly appreciate all yolu share!!

    I had three cavities almost two years ago. I left them untreated. When I went to the dentist last week, I had no cavities and only two “soft spots”. It so happened that inthat two years, I had, coincidentally, done some of the things above–cut grains drastically, cut sugar even more drastically, started using coconut oil, and started using vitamin D. So, I am a true believer! I have another question,though…I have one tooth that has a deep filling, and there was a “dark spot” (cavity?) in there under the filling that was getting close to the nerve. Is that a case where the above plan would work, or is that one too far gone? My option, of course, is “a root canal when it starts to bother me”. Also, should almond milk be avoided when doing this? What do you do for calcium?

    • Beautiful Dream-er says

      I had a dark spot on an x-ray that appeared under a previous filling a long time ago. When the doctor went in to fix the decay she was surprised to find that it wasn’t actually tooth decay, she didn’t know what it was, only that it was normal enamel. I mention it because it seems very odd that one tooth would be decaying while the others are healing… I’d be interested to know if anybody else has had a similar exerience to mine or yours.

  34. says

    I like your post, and was wondering if I could ask a question. In the realm of sprouts, I generally do include lentil and sunflower seed sprouts in my diet. I was wondering what your thoughts on sprouting were, since this process is used to resolve a lot of the inhibiting factors in seeds (I use that as a blanket statement for grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, since that’s what they all are).

  35. Peggy Medina says

    I have been trying to leave a comment on here, but keep having trouble! So I am living in Bolivia and my 6 year old son has some really deep cavities, three that they say need root canals. The dentist did A root canal (baby tooth) on my son without asking me first, I was really upset because I had already bought the cure tooth decay book, and wanted to heal the cavities. So never again will I go back to them, but anyways I was wondering if I don’t have access to raw milk and beef that isn’t for sure grass fed will the protocol still work? I can get raw cheese,milk and butter that I assume is raw because it goes sour fast and they say its fresh, but like I said I don’t know if its grass fed, I think it’s grass and supplemented with grains. The same with organ meats. Should i consume the organ meats I have available? Also, We are doing cod liver oil and butter oil, what would the dose be for a 6 year old?

  36. Rebekah Lloyd says

    Hi, I am so glad I found your site. I have been wanting to do our own dental care treatments at home. I do have a few questions before starting. Do you follow this regiment even after your dental problems were solved, or did you cut back on the routine. Also, do you take the Cod oil everyday? Last, it would not work to cut all beams and rice from our diet. Will it be enough to limit them for dinner meals only and we usually eat them three times a week. Thanks Rebekah

  37. Leah says

    Please check out “oil pulling” with coconut oil. I have been using this method and had a fantastic check-up.

  38. Cody Ramsey says

    You said you were swishing with calcium and magnesium powders? What were the steps for that? And did you mix them together or so it separate? Thank you.

  39. says

    A lot of things you mention here make sense to me as an oral hygienist. Yet, I also have some comments and questions too.
    From the research of Dr. Weston A Price I could conclude things I (and also most of my colleges I hope) already know from school and reading dental literature on regular bases.
    Indeed when a tooth is damaged or a cavity is starting to develop the body (read the tooth) will try to protect itself by developing secondary or even tertiary dentine using the odontoblast cells in the pulp chamber.
    What I couldn’t make out of the study (and this is essential to me) is how many people were participating in it? Why wasn’t there a control group so the other tree groups (regular diet+ oatmeal; regular diet+ vit. D and diet low in phytic acid + vit. D) should be compared to? What did these people do on oral hygiene during the trial…. only brushing? Whit what? Or maybe brushing and
    flossing? How often per day?
    For others those questions may not seem to be so important but in the dental scientific world the are. Only when every single part of a study can be explained and the produced results are such beyond any doubt they are adopted by the worldwide dental community as true facts.
    Said all that I know why your teeth became whiter; stronger and your gums healthier when you started the diet.
    – using calcium and magnesium powder to brush your teeth with will ALWAYS make your teeth less sensitive. The same ingredients are used in regular sensitive toothpaste.
    – rinsing your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide will make your teeth whiter as H.P. is the active ingredient in all dental
    bleaching products.
    – active charcoal also have the tendency of whitening teeth but because of obvious reasons is far less used by people
    – eating foods that contain less sugar and starches will benefit the growth of mouth bacteria who are NOT the cause of cavities or gum disease.

    But here are my arguments:
    – while odontoblasts can produce new dentine they cannot produce enamel! Enamel is formed during the 3-4th month of the pregnancy by a complex proses and once a tooth has erupted and enamel has been damaged nor the body, nor a dental treatment can repair/ regrow it.
    – dental sensitivity is caused of thinner enamel or the absence of it. For example, if one’s gums are staring to retract because of using a toothbrush that has hard filaments or one is brushing violently and damaging the gums a gingival recession will occur, exposing the dentine underneath. Dentine has a very different structure then enamel, it has small canals (dental tubulli) who
    are the cause of the hypersensitivity. Minerals like calcium; magnesium; sodium; potassium close up the canals and the sensitivity
    is lower or completely gone. When one stops using those minerals they will slowly wear off and the sensitivity will be back.
    – using Hydrogen Peroxide to rinse your mouth every day is not a good idea. Different studies has discovered that H.P. have the ability to make mucous membranes drier. Saliva is a very important part of the oral cavity. It helps with the food digestion; it makes the tissues flexible; it contains enzymes who fight harmful bacteria and rinses off food debris and plaque. Have you ever waken up in the middle of the night and your mouth felt as it was on fire and your tong was dry and leathery?…. well, this is how people who have chronicle dry mouth describe the feeling.
    – I went to the website of Ora Wellness Brushing Blend. Although the ingredients they use are all scientific proven to work
    (killing bacteria; soothing and supporting tissue healing) it will take some time for people in general to use to the idea that a toothpaste will actually become a tooth oil. Also testimonials of client(s) who claim that they had severe gum disease with pockets of 10mm. and after using the products they were 3mm. is a complete nonsense.
    For one to have a pocket of 10mm. means that not only the gum is inflamed but also the jaw bone underneath has been affected by
    the periodontitis. While gums are able to heal and no permanent damage will appear after inflammation, with the jaw bone is a different story. Because of the infection the bone is slowly dissolved, what causes the pocket formation. Dissolved bone tissue never regrows, but will stay a bone defect forever. There are possibilities to reconstruct the bone defect by transplanting bone from one place in the mouth to the other. Also artificial bone may be used. Usually this treatment gives great results but can be invasive (if
    you have a mouth full of pockets for example) and is not cheap at all.
    – also on their website I read about the fact that dentists do not check for gum disease when one goes for the annual
    check up. It was even stated by a Dr. David Kennedy that “ Currently, general dentists do little if any treatment of gum disease; in fact
    most dentists have the malady themselves.”
    Although I do not live/ work in the U.S.A I find this very hard to believe. Periodontitis (gumsidease) is second largest oral disease after
    caries (cavity formation). One must be a very poor dentist to ignore such widely spread and dangerous infection in a client’s mouth. Besides if that would be the case and a client visit regularly; follows the dentist’s advies; X-ray’s has been taken when necessary and
    chronicle gum disease has not be notices by the practitioner the client can and must sue this dentist. And if American dentists ignore
    gum disease, according to Dr. Kennedy , they must have their hands full of court cases and loosing their practitioner papers on a daily bases.

  40. Margueritelh says

    I have brushed too hard and gotten gum recession near my upper back molar. I would like suggestions as to how to fix this so I do not have to do the skin graft the denist suggests.

  41. Scarlett says

    I love your website! Thanks for all the good info! I had a questions about Ora Wellness brushing blend. The base in this is almond oil. Do nut oils have phytic acid in them? I’d love someones opinion.

  42. Andy says

    Hi! This is unbelievable. Just received my batch of Butter Oil/FCLO capsules and my Vitamin Ds. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to help other people. Secondly, how many capsules of FLCO would you suggest? The packet says to take 2 but I wanted to hear your opinion if possible :) Thanks, Andy.

  43. Sheri k says

    I am eager to learn more and start implementing your regime. What is the daily dose of Vitamin D you supplement?

  44. Kaela Cogswell says

    I’m newly on the GAPS diet and looking to heal many factors of my health including sensitive and plaque-covered teeth. I was wondering, when rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, did you dilute it first or just swish with it straight? Also did you rinse your mouth with water afterwards or let it sit? Thanks!

  45. Rene Perry says

    I love this article. I am on a very slow journey to remove commercial anything from my home..(slow slow process) I have even found a recipe to make my own toothpaste.. I am going to print this article and share it with my boss. I am a registered
    Dental assistant in a pedactric office and our drs stress on changing diet and are very concervative on fillings. We watch a lot of areas that look like cavities and get the parents to brush aneh ad floss their kids more. I
    Disagree with no fluoride as I have seen it aid in the reminerlization of cavities with proper oral hygiene. But I do agree in small moderations. I agree that we have been over fluoridated when the pediatritions were prescribing fluoride drops and water is fluorinated. Its interesting that the high fluoride toothpaste we sell in our office has calcium in it…and vitamin D almost dominates the study. I agree with some of the comments that most people will not comply or just simply are uninformed or can’t afford it. But that is where we as dental professionals need to get the word out. Thank you for this article.

  46. Irene Tiger says

    I’ve had more “little” cavities recently than I’d be comfortable with, even though i’m a religious brusher and flosser, so I really want to take charge of preventing cavities, and clearly my current dental hygine routine isn’t working. I’ve now been eating grain free and limiting sugars and phytic acid, started making bone broth (I have some chicken bones brewing in my crock pot right now) and I have it on my to-do list to make your Remineralizing Tooth Powder.

  47. Icing says

    I sure hope this works, Im going to have my daughter try this, she is having some pain and her husband too. I hope you do let us know how your husband is dong. Thank you

  48. James Tarquin Davis says

    Yep, I cured a tooth ache a few months ago in just two weeks, simply by taking calcium, vitamin D, K supplements with a carrot for breakfast :). I’m too fond of dried fruits and nuts to completely stop them, but I did cut down, and it healed very quickly. I just find it fascinating that this research, proven years ago, has yet to make it into mainstream culture.

  49. Erek says

    I’ve been reading about this a lot recently. I never really had many problems with my teeth as a kid. I joined the military at 18 and had to get cleared by the dentist. No problem. Then about 8 weeks later once I made it through training I had to get checked again and they threw a number at me that made my jaw literally drop. 11 new caries!!! I have tried everything for the last 6 years and nothing has worked. Luckily recently it has slowed down. I work out a lot recently and have changed my diet, it is now similar to the recommended diet and I am back to my vitamins and such. I also have all the things necessary for me to make my own toothpaste on the way :) I really hope this works! Thanks for the great info!

  50. Erek says

    I’ve been reading about this a lot recently. I never really had many problems with my teeth as a kid. I joined the military at 18 and had to get cleared by the dentist. No problem. Then about 8 weeks later once I made it through training I had to get checked again and they threw a number at me that made my jaw literally drop. 11 new caries!!! I have tried everything for the last 6 years and nothing has worked. Luckily recently it has slowed down. I work out a lot recently and have changed my diet, it is now similar to the recommended diet and I am back to my vitamins and such. I also have all the things necessary for me to make my own toothpaste on the way :) I really hope this works! Thanks for the great info!

  51. Candace says

    Did you take two capsules of the cod liver/butter oil while pregnant? Also, did you take prenatal vitamins too, or something else? Thanks in advance.

  52. Iman says

    Interesting read! I will definatly look up on this. I have been strugeling with my teeth health all my life. I wonder how I could adjust this diet to a vegan one??? Also oil pulling has been very helpuf for me. I do it every morning with virgin coconut oil for 20 min. Have you tried it?

  53. Lissa says

    Warning! Check out Food Standards Agency (UK) for warning against using Bentonit Clay. Some Bentonite Clay products found to contain arsenic. Arsenic is toxic.

  54. Marsha says

    Do you use only the fermented CLO and butter to get the Vitamin D needed or do you supplement with additional? If so, which brand and dose do you recommend?
    Thank you!

  55. Jessica says

    Out of curiosity how did it go with your husbands cavity? Were you able to get xray proof? My husband and i are way past due and I’m nervous we will have cavities

  56. Mariam says

    Did you take both the Vitamin D in pill form AND the fermented cod liver oil and butter? because isn’t that an overdose of vitamin D since the cod liver oil is a highly concentrated form of vitamin D?

  57. Wendy says

    I’m currently on 5000 iu of Vitamin D3 per day. Do you think it’s necessary to take the FCLO / Butter Blend? Pardon my ignorance but is brown rice a grain?

    • says

      brown rice is a grain, though rice is on the safer end of the spectrum (white rice is actually safest though). The FCLO blend has other fat soluble vitamins as well to help them stay in balance, but in taking it daily at that level, it might be good to get your blood levels tested.

      • Wendy says

        Thank you so much for your reply. : )

        White rice is safer? I’m quite surprised. I’m currently taking the 5000 iu of Vitamin D3 because recent 25(OH)D test revealed a level of 17. I’m trying to get it closer to 50. With this, would you suggest I take the FCLO blend? If so, what dose should I take.

  58. Hollykins says

    Hi, i’ve had tonsilitis, tonsil stones,

    strep throat’ chronically, every day for 26 years. there was a study my mom found that showed a woman who was in great health had massive osteoperosis and bone demineralization after menopause, and the researchers published a the biological mechanism by which this occured: from the bacteria in her tonsils.

    i’ve had about 20 cavaties in my life so far, almost all the seems between the filling and my natural tooth. i can feel this sickness, a nasty taste, a gross sensation throughout my esophagus and i imagine throughout my intestines and everywhere in my body.

    if you have your tonsils, the pits and craters WILL harbour bacteria… duh. And that bacteria may contribute to cavaties… and who knows what else… bladder infections.

    I’ve tried to have my tonsils removed but it’s a conspiracy. Two general practitioners have refused to give me my strep results, and both also refused to refer me to a orolarenologist. (spelling, whatever).

    If your tonsils smell like death no matter how clean you keep your mouth, no matter what you do – then obviously they are going to give you cavaties. But convincing some idiot doctor to remove the septic, useless bateria wells from your mouth? Freaking impossible…

    Also, remineralization is basic chemistry. The hydroxypatite array which makes up your natural dentin has calcium ions in between a bunch of hydroxide groups. If you loose a calcium due to abrasion, freaking idiot flouride bombarding it off, sulfates in your toothpaste melting it off, natural reactivity with anything, etc… you put more calcium on and some new ion should fill the gap and complete the lattice structure. This is why the process of flouride is the most ridiculous, awful, blatently detrimental to human health thing since spraying kids with DDT to cure polio.

    Flouride replaces the calcium in the hydroxypatite lattice structure – forcebly. It forces a natural, good calcium out and forces itself into it’s place. That alone is stupid, okay? But heres the stupider part- flouride is the MOST reactive element in existence, (with tiny competition from chlorine). The most reactive element – substance – that can occure. And you think it’s gonna stay in place? No, it will react in a micro second with anything else that it comes into contact with and will leave you hydroxypatite like a bad boyfriend. You have to constantly reapply flouride, at and ever-increasing rate as all your calcium is gone and holes are constantly in your dentin.

    My sister in law is a dentist. I asked her if she knew what the function of our hydroxypatite lattice was. ‘Mmmm, No..’ she said. I told her the above. ‘No, the flouride makes it stronger!’ she said. No explaination of relative reactivity rates. No reference to studies showing this so – because the studies that show flouride decreases cavaties over years are innately flawed if not lying.

    Do you know (naysayer), what a free radicle is? It’s an ion or atom with an incomplete valence shell (of electrons), therefore it is very reactive. Therefore, it goes into your body and reacts with your molecules of cell structure, and of substances like dentin, and it rips them apart. That is why it causes cancer. It destroys your natural machinery on a molecular level. Flouride, is chemically designated as a free radicle. Either alone or in a covalent bond or ionic, in most environments aqeous, gaseous, it does not matter. Because it is so freaking reactive you have no idea, that it leaves it’s bond with an incomplete octet every microsecond and is constantly forming new reactions – ripping things apart.

    I hate people who say flouride is good for you, and have NO IDEA what their dentin is made out of, not the faintest clue of basic…. anything. People have to open a book, learn things for themeselve and stop swallowing anything thats forced down their throats by the government.

    Sorry for spelling – im uber tired. Flouride speak directed at those who would use flouride against their fellow man and their children.
    Signed, a bio freaking motherloving chemist.

  59. Allen Paynter says

    I eat Oatmeal just about every morning and I am a Vegan. What exactly do you recommend if I supposedly can not touch Oatmeal?

  60. Jodie says

    I just had my first dentist appointment since changing to a grain and sugar free diet. My dentist said with no prompting, “you used to have a lot of sugar in your diet, now you don’t, and your teeth are re-mineralizing”. No cavities for once! Thank you for sharing this information!

  61. JaniceBennett says

    This sounds so incredibly hoaky that I’m up for trying it. About 8 months ago I switched my diet to a paleo style diet. It was a random thing, not related to my teeth. Shortly after that, I created my own toothpaste using almost similar ingredients to this suggestion just from my own thinking that it had to be better. Certainly got reamed out at my last dentist appointment by the dental hygienist for not using a fluoride toothpaste. Ironically though, she didn’t have to dig as much for the scaling on my teeth, nor poke as much in my gums. I’ve struggled all of my life with gums that were quick to bleed.

    As I type this, I ponder to think about the horses in my barn, the dogs on the couch, and the cats out mousing. While I’ve had some dental work done on the horses (lowering the sharp edges because they don’t get to eat roughage quite like they would if they were fully wild), none of my animals have had fillings, caps, or root canals. They get fed a diet that resembles what they would eat if they were living on their own. I know that dogs can/do get scaly teeth, and can have other teeth challenges, this is usually identified by the poor diet we feed them because someone told us this bag of dogfood is what our dogs need.

    Sorry to go on a dog food rant, but what was occurring for me in this post, was that it makes sense. Humans are the ones getting fillings – why is that?

  62. KB2004 says

    How long did you find that the diet/ regimine took to reverse cavity? Trying to decide when to make a “re-check” appt with my dentist after trying this!

  63. CowGirl says

    I was getting VERY excited reading this, because not only are my teeth extremely sensitive to heat & cold (even 30″ after coming inside from a walk, my teeth will sear with pain), but they also have a horizontal line of color change. I assume this is the enamel worn. BUT, I’m an ovo-lacto vegetarian, and legumes, nuts & fruits are a mainstay of my diet! I’m gluten-free, so not much problem in the grain area. I found this article because I just bought a huge jar of organic coconut oil, on the advice of a friend, & am trying to find out what to do with it. I have a horrendously poor immune system from decades of Hepatitis C & neutropenia, and she thought coconut oil might help with that. Since I make my own natural products for cleaning, and use baking soda for deodorant, I found I can brush with coconut oil & baking soda & even got (not really “got” yet, but am getting) my hubster to use CO for his shaving cream. I use Celtic Sea Salt for extra minerals, but all of my docs caution me about taking supplements because of my liver disease. How can I get enough D?

    One more question: how can I get my CO to whip?? It was solid when I started. But all it would do was liquefy.

  64. Carlos Abueg says

    I’ve read somewhere in a Dr. Weston A. Price study in Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions” that sugars actually cause a chemical imbalance in the body which leads to tooth decay rather than or more so than an external reaction.

    Which might explain why most dentist’s can’t understand that dental caries are more of a symptom of mineral deficiencies in the body than or lack of dental hygiene.

    I still wouldn’t give up my toothbrush and dental floss, though. Makes you kinda wonder how the people on native diets that Dr. Price studied actually brushed their teeth or if they had to.

  65. chris says

    Hi Katie! I too have an natural way to brush teeth. First I brush and swish with coconut oil, then make a paste with baking soda and brush again. Then I swish with some apple cidar vinigar. Then I rinse. My teeth are whiter and plaque free. My gums are healthy too. : ) At night I floss too! Love it!!

  66. Manjusri Horsman says

    I lost my tooth enamel almost overnight from intense and extended breastfeeding and obviously having depleted mineral levels in my body (from a chronic eating disorder I had for ten years, although I have recovered for ten years and worked hard at replenishing the minerals it obviously wasn’t enough). My teeth were brown, dark brown. As a holistic therapist I refused to go down the cosmetic dental path, and also found about Dr Price. Cut a long story short – I am a fish eating vegetarian and there was no way I was going to eat meat (throw up at the thought) so followed the vegetarian guidelines (lots of butter, coconut oil and pasture-fed unpasteurised cheese), continued eating my brown rice and sourdough rye, lots of mineral salts, homeopathics, and energy meridian work. 6 months later my teeth were white – 10 months later my rear teeth are still healing in that they have sharp ridges. Friends and family are still remarking ‘I didn’t think it was possible, I thought you had lost your teeth’. Still working at it and aware because I don’t eat a paleo diet that its slower for me, but I am proof that a fish eating veggie who still eats lots of porridge, brown rice and rye bread can heal their teeth.

  67. Tania says

    I have an important question ,, if this can actually get rid of tooth decay , can it also help with enamel erosion ?? I notice a month ago that I have two translucent lines in the middle of my front teeth , and I’m really getting self conscious about it , I mean you can’t tell from far away but you can tell when your close especially like in a bathroom light , do you think that using the tooth paste recipe will help with enamel erosion ??? I just find it so weird that its in the middle of my front teeth and are parellel lines when i seen pictures of enamel erosion there like on the bottom I the teeth , I just hope I can fix this

  68. Kimberly Tirona says

    Woke up a over the weekend with some pain in a tooth. This morning I couldn’t even handle a cup of coffee because it was so painful. Being that we just moved, I needed to find a new dentist ASAP. She took some xrays and the first words out of her mouth “You need a root canal and some other work” to the tune of $2400. for this one tooth. Are you kidding me? You can’t just clean and seal it like my dentist did back home? Nope she wants to do more work. So I came home in pain and started to do some research. Which lead me to this blog. I am sold. I will try anything that will save me thousands and more holes in my teeth. I just wish I had found this before I had let another screw up the caps on the other side 3 years ago! Maybe I can get my husband on it! Can’t wait to started!

    • Kimberly Tirona says

      1 week update! I got everything in the mail and started to take my Vit.D, CLiver, magnesium and even a few nites of the charcoal caps to detox my body. I have changed my diet and got off of all sugar and wheats. Been brushing with the toothpaste(using a soft brush). If I knew that eating a stick of butter a day would help, I would do that LOL. Anyway, 2 days after I started, I could handle hot drinks again. Still sensitive to cold, but using numbing stuff on one side and drinking room temp filtered water works for me. My teeth are even whiter without using the whitening strips. I will continue with new way of care and eating and keep posting updates!
      Perhaps next month I will go back to my Dentist where our house is and let him check my teeth since he has all of my original records.

  69. Bragan says

    OH MY GOSH! This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to read! I have been eating a vegan, organic for a year and a half now and just now had my front upper teeth’s enamel chip a little bit (I have naturally straight teeth and I love my teeth, so this is devastating for me). I have been planning on eating meat again and eating less starches, so the chip in my teeth was my wake-up call telling me I need to do something about it.

    I just want to conclude that this is such a valuable post! I am so thankful that I found it! <3

  70. Tl says

    I question a few things being a hygienist working at 3 private practices i have seen many different views of practicing dentistry!!! First of all I am able to rule out that your last dental visit offered a thourough asessment in your 5 min visit!!!!!!!!!! A true hygiene appointment requires an update of health history, an oral cancer screening, and asesment of periodontal health by checking probin pocket depths and recording those findings at 6 areas per tooth, charting recession, mobility, furcations and mobility. Then the hygienist may start her scaling, then polish, and then floss. And before all is said and done you must give out oral hygiene instruction and assessment. So adding all this up for a total of on avg 28-32 teeth your hygienist spent 7-10 seconds per tooth without even counting time to screen for oral cancer!!! I hope im wrong but i do know some dentists work for the bottom line not the overall health of their patients in which case you need to evaluate the care you are recieving and realize things in general were missed during your appointment so i would not put value into the notations your hygienist and dentist made on your oral health! Health diet, mineral etc are very important but so is good dental care and im afraid you may only have one on your side. As far as the root canal comments a root canal is only advised or needed if the bacteria has traveled into the pulp of the tooth (center of the root) so avoiding treatment for too long increases your risk of this, and the need for a root canal should be evident in xrays or accompanied by swelling or drainage of infection (fistula or abcess). Also know that although ethics is important in the dental field be sure you are learning what is going on in your mouth! Have your dentist show you what he is seeing! You cant always trust everyone some just watch the bottom line.

  71. Jason Todd says

    How long does the process take in estimate? I’ve got about two weeks before I have a fillings-appointment.

    • Kimberly Tirona says

      Have you at least started on the supplements, the toothpastes and ridding of the excess sugar? Just this weekend, I was able to enjoy a cold beverage and right now I am drinking a very hot cup of coffee! My pain is gone and my teeth are whiter. (see my post above)
      I did purchase the “Cure Tooth Decay” book Kindle version. I will go see a Holistic Dentist, but that is only because I just found one in my area. I want to make sure that the filling that is on that one tooth doesn’t have a mercury filling. Will get a temp or some other filler, but no more metals or fluoride in my mouth or body if I can help it!
      Thursday will be my 2wks since I started fully with everything and so far I am one happy little lady!
      Best wishes!!!

  72. kick the crutch says

    Why dentists do not replace plastic resin with artificial bone which will be a part of tooth after removing tooth decay? Why biologists do not develop ‘tooth seed’ which shall be planted in the oral bone after extracting tooth? Why scientists do not develop bone implant with artificial bone which is still used for oral bone reconstruction for operation of implant fixture in these days? I believe that the implant company does not want losses and delaying the technology. Should I wait for future tooth decay treatment?

  73. Anne says

    Katie, I have been brought back to your site again and again on my search for wellness. I am having a hard time implementing the diet change. Wheat creeps back in here and there next thing I know, I am making sprouted grain crackers, lol. I will try to be patient and wait for the wheat grass for juicing. Can you give us an example of a one weeks diet, what you and your family actually eat? I am using your toothpaste, love it. But I just realized after reading more on your site… I mixed the toothpaste with my metal beaters! Duh. Lots to learn sincerely, Anne.

  74. Sarah Kennedy says

    I have a couple of questions for you…how much bone broth should one drink per day for proper mineralization? And, i have a liver and gallbladder that cannot handle so much fat like a lot of coconut oil at one time so i was wondering how much daily is recommended so i can break it up. Would flax-seed oil be a comparable alternative to coconut?

  75. Sarah Kennedy says

    oh and what is the minimum time period to heal tooth decay? I have one tooth that 1/4 of it has chipped off and the dentist wants to cap it. 3 months? Also what happens to the other teeth that have fillings in them already? Is there any way to remineralize them safely?

  76. Ellen says

    Is there anything additional I should do if I can’t have dairy (so no butter or butter oil) and also can’t have coconut oil? Also, what are some examples of “mineral-rich” vegetables?

  77. Jack says

    Hello, I wonder if you can help me pretty please. I have read your article and found it life saving. I got this problem where I have some really small cavities most of which are surface ones. I started with your instructions and brought me cod liver oil and my mom made me butter oil. I started taking them today twice per day (1 tea spoon of butter oil + 1 tea spoon of cod liver oil each time). I have to say the taste of cod liver oil is horrible. I could get the capsules but I am not sure about the quantity they got. I will live. Anyway, can I drink one cup of pasteurized milk for Vitamin D? I read somewhere else I should not drink that at all. I should get raw milk but I do not have an access to any farmers. Also, can I do oil pulling with 1 tea spoon of coconut oil for 15 minutes instead of drinking it? As for toothpaste, can I use fluoride toothpaste with extra calcium or would cancel the effect of cavities healing? Lastly, did you fully heal your cavities following those instructions? How much does it usually take? Thanks for your time, and thanks for the article.

      • Levi McIntyre says

        You could filter the fluoride out, thats your choice, but are you aware that granite contains fluoride so many water tables have fluoride naturally dissolved in them. China & India have very high levels of natural fluoride present so they filter most of it out (down to similar levels added to water with no fluoride). I wouldn’t worry about it & if you do get a filter.

      • Karen Pryal says

        I have 75% water fluoridation in my area and I use a flouride reduction filter and a kangen water filter it’s a known fact that flouride is not good for your teeth especially at those levels you can check what level is in your country on this site

  78. Rachel says

    I was wondering if either of your two recipes would be ok for a 17 month old who can’t spit it out yet or would just using the brushing blend be sufficient?

  79. roe says

    Everything in your body heals…
    I had a cavity once and the dentist was picking at it and he mubbled: That’s strange… He said: Im going to take an x-ray… and I started sweating blood. I said: Is tehre something terribly wrong? He said: No, it seems your tooth is making a calcium barrier.
    He made the x-ray and he confirmed it. My tooth was reacting to a cavity and was cocooning it with calcium. The dentist said that the tooth was hardening itself at the point where the cavity was and it stopped the cavity from expanding.

    He left it and he said I should come back in 6 months so he could look at it again. It’s still there, the cavity, but it’s rendered harmless.

    The doc even asked if he could show my x-rays to other dentists. I said, sure fine by me.

    Teeth are alive. They are not dead little rocks in your mouth. They are living structures so naturally it heals itself. The problem is that our teeth are under constant attack, so it has little time to heal… But if you give it the time and the proper resources, it will inevitably heal.

  80. Amanda Carll says

    Do you recommend a Vitamin D supplement as well as taking FCLO?

    Great post by the way! I was just informed by my dentist I have a “sticky spot” and I want to try to heal it myself instead of getting a filling!

  81. Kecy says

    Its too bad you’re receiving money for promoting specific products. It creates bias and your info loses credibility. There are other web writers promoting the same products; this makes me think that these articles are just commercials. This carries with it a certain lack of informational integrity.

    • Charlie Gayler says

      That might be true if she hadn’t included the whole protocol in the article. I typically feel the same way as you, but in this instance she gave us enough to be able to implement. If people want to read the nitty gritty or source material, she linked it and she can make some money on it for her hard work, good for her. What’s the big deal, in this case?

  82. Sarah says

    Can anyone suggest an alternative to oatmeal? I need to eat something substantial in the morning. I usually start my day with a smoothie, have oatmeal for midmorning, a salad for lunch, and then salad and chicken for dinner. I feel that the grains give me the energy to get through the day. What could I eat instead of oatmeal?

  83. Katarina Sedeniussen says

    How bad is rice for the teeth, like yasmin rice? I love yasmin rice.. would hate to have to cut all rice.. :)

  84. Karen Pryal says

    I’m starting the program today as I have so many problems with my teeth. I made the toothpaste this morning it’s the best I’ve tried my teeth felt so clean and not sensitive. I got all the supplements in a health shop I would have brought them on your site only it might take a few weeks to ship to Ireland. The best omega 3 supp I got was pure cod liver oil 1000mg in holland and Barrett. I brought calcium and magnesium citrate tablets and crushed them in a mortar and pestle. I’ll keep you updated on my progress :)

  85. Karen Pryal says

    Also I forgot to mention I used tea tree oil in the toothpaste and it left a nice clean fresh taste I would recommend adding that in. I left out the xylitol and didn’t notice any difference. It’s far cheaper to make this than go buy a natural toothpaste.

  86. Irene Tiger says

    Would you please cite some sources, preferably peer-reviewed scientific journals? my broter refuses to believe that fluoride is bad…

  87. Kimberly Tirona says

    Why is it that people always want someone else to do all the research for them? We have Google at our finger tips and yet we post questions on a blog that we could easily ask the internet! After I found this site and how to remineralize teeth, I did some research on my own. Sure enough, I found Paleo diets and several other sites that confirmed what wellness mama and Ramiel Nagel has told us, That fluoride, grains and sugar is BAD for us. Of course, I have heard this many years ago and just neglected to observe it. I have paid the price with my own dental. When it came to another dental call a few months ago, I found this site and decided to try everything that WM and Ramiel had to say. It worked! I am going back to see a holistic dentist in January for new xray’s just to see how well it all worked and to prove to my husband and my family that the toothpaste works and they don’t have to have fluoride in their lives. I have no tooth pain and my teeth are in better health than they have been in the last 20 or so years. I did cheat and eat some sugar this holiday, but I am back on track and ready to start the New Year fresh.

  88. Ibti Ali says

    I have a back molar with a cavity in it that is probably pretty close to the pulp. I know I need to so something pretty quickly to stop further decay. I am debating on wether I should get the decaded tooth area drilled out by the dentist or go on the diet and let my body take care of it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I need to to something soon.

    • Ludivine says

      Sorry I only now read you have a black molar. I don’t have that, so my situation is different. I don’t know anything about black molars. Perhaps someone else has a suggestion.
      Btw I am no dentist but just researched it for myself online. So I don’t want to give you the wrong or unwise advise.

        • Ludivine says

          Haha, Oh my god, sorry. I was very tired when I read your comment. Also English isn’t first language. But still how stupid of me.
          I still don’t see the first comment I posted. I still think it’s still in awaiting moderation.

  89. Kimberly Clark Robbins says

    My son has two 6-yr molars that didn’t form the enamel on them and are decaying. We are in the process of having to research crowns for those teeth. Would this do anything for those teeth?? They grew in this way :(

  90. Tom Petrie says

    Yes, I’m working on a plan to regrow a few teeth right now. We’ll see how it goes! And yes, a Paleolithic diet IS a great idea. Your article was spot on, although I think some people read too much into avoiding phytates. IF what I do works, I’ll certainly share it with your readers.

  91. Tom Duffy says

    Hi Katie, great article. Thanks a million, I’m definitely going to try this stuff out. Do you think that the changes in diet and the supplements could help improve unhealthy gums too?

  92. Jeevan Ravindran says

    Your tips look really good! I just wondered, I have been brushing overenthusiastically for the last year or so and my enamel is starting to get razor thin. Sensitivity is increasing and I’m very worried as my teeth are so thin! What would you advise exactly? Is this possible to heal?

  93. Meagan says

    How was your weight and elimination at this time? I am a big fan of “eating good fats” but I feel like if I ate 1/2 cup of coconut oil that things would not go so well 1) for my stomach and 2) for my weight! Obviously one has to work up to it.

  94. says

    am puzzled and at a lost . I have been on a raw paleo diet for 20 years ( the first 8 years with half fruits but the rest of the time based mostly on fatty meats and greens vegetables with occasional bone broth in the later years and few fruits , I am eating cooked paleo for 4 years now ( no grains ) and yet
    my teeth are degrading at high speed and suffer from gum disease and bone density loss. At this point at age 54 I have only on pair of molar to chew from ( Not for long as there is a huge decay.) all the other molar are either gone or have no opposite.
    I have been on cortisone therapy for 33 years and am attributing this sad teeth situation to it and lack of finances to get dentistry work done . my long term paleo diet is just enough to balance that . I have started vitamin d supplementation and would love to hear more suggestions

  95. Stephanie says

    Hi Wellness Mama,

    I found your website just recently as I was looking up ways to remineralize teeth. A few weeks ago, at my regular dental checkup, my dentist found a small “sticky spot” that she wants to have filled in three months… I am absolutely TERRIFIED at the thought of getting my teeth drilled and filled, especially since I have not had a cavity in over a decade, and I take very good care of my teeth ( I brush three times a day, floss three times a day, stay away from sugars, and eat a very healthy diet). Needless to say, the news is very depressing for me, and I have embarked on a quest to search for alternative, healthier ways heal my teeth. I have already implemented some of your suggestions (just finished brewing a first batch of bone broth and ordered Rami Nagel’s book) and am planning to implement as many more as I can. I have been reading about fermented cod liver oil, and found out that it contains histamine, and I know that I cannot take it because I am seriously allergic to histamine!! Can you please suggest any other alternatives to the FCLO? Or can I just take the Butter oil by itself? Also, I have read about the benefits of horsetail for the teeth and bones in several places, including on your website… Do you also recommend horsetail tea as a mouthwash for remineralizing teeth? Lastly, although our family does consume grains, we bake our own bread and most of our grain products are homemade. Should we still reduce our grain consumption to get benefits for dental health? Many, many thanks in advance for sharing these health tips with all of us who are willing to take our dental health into our own hands and search for natural ways for healing!

    • says

      You could try the butter oil alone or use another fish oil in combination. I’d recommend reading the book “Cure Tooth Decay” for the full details, but he says that it is important to remove grains during the intense remineralizing process…

      • Stephanie says

        Thank you for the reply! :) I will order the High Vitamin Butter Oil and see how it goes. I am learning so much from this website already and have shown it to several of my relatives who also have some teeth issues. I was planning to swish with some calcium and magnesium, as suggested in this article, and so bought some calcium magnesium tablets, ground them into a powder, and dissolved them in water to swish with. However, when I tested the pH of the solution, it turned out quite acidic! I am concerned that the acidity could erode my enamel further and slow down remineralization… Is it still okay to swish it in the mouth? The powder “floats” on the water and doesn’t seem to mix very well… Am I doing something wrong? Otherwise, can I just swallow the tablets to get the benefits? Thanks again for all your help!

  96. Zoey says

    Hey there!
    I found your article really interesting. I currently am trying to repair my teeth from years suffering an eating disorder. My dentist has me using a fluoride toothpaste that I brush on and don’t rinse everyday with a nightly gel. Do you think improving my diet will still help even with the tooth paste? I’m trying to go all natural now, but I’m scared if I ditch my dental aids my teeth will rot!

  97. Olivia says

    I am trying your diet suggestions to heal 3 cavities that I just found out I have. Until now I had been using sensodine toothepaste. I’ve been using the remineralizing recipe you posted and after the second day my teeth feel MORE sensitive. Do you think it’s the baking soda? I do use a sonicare but I use very little pressure. Any suggestions?

  98. Sam says

    Do you have any info or advice for children. I have a two year old and she is getting some decay between her front teeth. My mom did a good job of making me feel like a horrible mother, but this is my first go at it and the decay seemed to happen so quickly. Anyone wo has kids knows how picky they can be about food and my kiddo is still breast feeding. We are in the process of weaning and she is eating more and more food every day. I am definitely never giving her raisins again….I know I know, so please don’t scold me! Obviously I want her to have healthy teeth and am taking her to the dentist, but I do not allow fluoride and am very weary of the mainstream solutions. HELP! Thank you!

  99. says

    hello!! i have white cavity fillings and i want to heal my other cavities naturally what are some cheap and easy ways to do that? and can i brush with just bentonite clay by itself to remineralize !thanks

  100. Rachel says

    Hey Mama,
    I have two or three amalgum fillings and one of them started leaking last night. I can’t see a naturopathic doctor to fix it as my insurance doesn’t cover it and I’m in college so my parents would have to pay out of pocket. Anyway, do you have any suggestions on how to let my teeth heal after getting them refilled? I started oil pulling last year, but I ran out of coconut oil so I’ll resume as soon as I can buy a new jar. I’ll probably get the fillings taken out in the future once I can pay for it. Also, do you know anything about mercury toxicity and how to recover from it? When my filling started leaking, I started trembling everywhere and felt really weak/dizzy and my heart was pounding. My cheeks also turned red. I called an RN but she said it was probably the pain from my tooth, but my tooth didn’t even hurt badly enough for all of that to happen.

  101. Kayleigh says

    Hi Katie!

    Awesome article.
    Quick question—how much fruit were you consuming per day when you “decreased your intake” to promote tooth healing?

    I know this will vary per person but I’d like to know a ballpark figure as I only eat about 1 cup or less of fruit per day.

    Thanks so much!!

  102. Sara Latimer says

    Hi i have been looking round your site after following a link for a solid lotion bar, i came accross your information about remineralisation and wondered how i would implement the diet for a 2 year old! My daughters front teeth came through fine then crumbled and chipped after a few months! They are discoloured and soft and te dentist says they are demineralised and this happened when she was in the womb and there is nothing we can do about it, that no amount of supplements and calcium would change this! I am not happy with this prognosis and her teeth are sensitive and she has problems biting and wont let me brush them! If there was a way to make them lay down some more enamel i would love to give it a go. It makes me so sad to think she will have stubby half teeth for the next 4-5 years until they drop out and she gets her big teeth and thats what the dentist seems happy with! Any advice about how to implement this remineralisation would be greatly recieved, i am going to try the toothpaste recipe too!

  103. David says

    Good article. Long before I knew about this stuff I knew there was something up with dentistry. When I was a kid and teen I had a bunch of fillings then, as a young adult, got into healthier eating, radically reducing my refined sugar and starch intake.

    I moved to a different region and didn’t visit a dentist for an age. Now, when I went to a new dentist the little cavities that we were going to ‘leave until next time’ at my previous dentist were no longer mentioned. I thought tooth decay was permanent so why wasn’t this new dentist mentioning the decay from before? Were they any good?

    A few years later a cavity did form which, surprise surprise, conceded with a time I was horribly busy and stressed and eating much more professed food on the hoof again.

    On another occasion I had a persistent tooth ‘twinge’ for a while, a mild tooth ache. It was Googling at that time that I discovered the Weston A Price-based material. I started with taking cod liver oil with a little organic butter, not able to start a modified diet right away, and after I’d say 48 hours the tooth was no longer twinging. Moreover, my teeth just seem overall much less sensitive – seldom giving me any ‘feedback’ at all. They just seem tougher all round.

    This stuff works.

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